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Here is a list of some great South American experiences I’ve personally come across in my travels.
1. Watch a soccer game in Buenos Aires, Argentina. If you thought your local derby in whatever sport you follow can be a bit tense at times, then if you’re ever in Buenos Aires, try and catch a soccer (football) game there and see how insane the fans are there.
Singing was prevalent throughout the entire match, even at half time when there was no action on the field. The stands were shaking from the fans jumping up and down in anticipation of a goal.
If you want to see the definition of ‘passion’, then a soccer game in Argentina is the first one that comes into my head! An experience I will never forget.
Cycle Down The World’s Most Dangerous Road, Bolivia. Many places claim they have ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Road’, but the one I’m talking about is the La Paz to Coroico Road in Bolivia. This used to be a two lane highway – but it’s barely wide enough for one car width in some places. This ‘Road of Death’ claimed an average of 20 vehicles each year until a new highway opened in 2007 – in fact, the locals were so annoyed off with the old road, that they used the new road even during the construction period!
However, these days, only tourists are silly enough to use this road now via mountain bike trips. The trip is about 70 kilometers long and starts at 4000 metres above sea level (sometimes in the snow), and finishes at 1500 metres above sea level – in tropical forest.
Walk alongside Iguazu Falls in Brazil and Argentina. Iguazu Falls for me is one of those ‘WOW’ places. That’s a big statement to make, but Iguazu Falls lives up to the hype. The falls were created by a volcanic eruption that occurred about one hundred million years ago. Iguazu Falls are wider than both Niagara and Victoria Falls, which is a heap of water in anyone’s language.
There are about 275 individual waterfalls at Iguazu however this number decreases in the wet season when rain falls down from a great height and the falls merge together. Iguazu falls requires at least two days to explore the falls by foot – the Brazilian side offers the best panoramic view, while the Argentine side provides a much closer look.
I find the South American continent addictive because of the incredibly diverse environments there, but most of all, the people know how to make you feel welcome and you will most likely be dragged into some crazy parties there!