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Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful and peaceful countries in the world. Few countries offer the same level of biodiversity that you will find there. Rich in nature and with two coastlines, this small country nestled between Nicaragua and Panama has something for everyone.
From relaxing beaches perfect for families, zip lining in the rainforest, hiking up a volcano, to cheap dental work, there is no end to the list of possible activities in Costa Rica.
Costa Rica is also a country of some of the warmest and most welcoming people I have ever encountered. They adore children and welcome them into every situation. This makes Costa Rica a great destination for families as well as singles and couples.
Arenal Volcano and the rain forests of Monteverde are some of my favorite spots on earth, but most people come to enjoy its beautiful beaches. Puerto Viejo, on the Caribbean coast, particularly Punta Uva beach are a definite on any trip’s itinerary.
The best advice I can give is to talk to the locals to get the best ideas. Where ever there is a tourist trap, like the Baldi hot springs in Arenal for example, there is often a more local place like Las Lagos or Eco Termales that will charge you FAR less without losing the amazing experience.
Any Markets or Shopping Districts Worth a Visit in Costa Rica. Each town in Costa Rica will have their own local farmers markets. These are most definitely worth a visit as they offer the best value and a nice introduction to the local culture, not to mention incredibly fresh and delicious fruits vegetables, cheeses, yogurts, herbs, etc.
Major Events and Festivals in Costa Rica. Independence day is probably the biggest holiday in Costa Rica, celebrated on September 15th. There is a night parade in each town with local children carrying “faroles” (handmade lanterns) and also a huge parade during the day. It is celebrated with much pride in nearly every town in Costa Rica.
Christmas is also celebrated for the entire month of December in Costa Rica. Kids are out of school and you can enjoy fireworks on every single evening. Again this is the highest season so expect costs to reflect that.
If it is at all possible to spend New Years eve on a mountain top overlooking the Central Valley, I would do it every time! It is the best show I think I have ever seen and was so sad to miss it this year.
Words cannot really describe the amazing sight of countless fireworks exploding at midnight over the city and everywhere around you. So do yourself a favor and get down there for at least one New Years.