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Africa is a wild and diverse continent that presents an abundance of activities for a traveller to enjoy. How to get around East and South Africa.
One of the most popular backpacking trails is through East and South Africa. Getting around East and South Africa is rough travel, but it’s cheap and it will provide you with some of your most entertaining stories.
There are many transportation options to suit each travellers budget, desired experiences and comfort levels.
Overland Africa Safari Tours. For those travellers who feels a little intimidated about backpacking Africa independently, or a short on time and want to be spared the hassle, there are organized overland safari tours.
Craig, and I decided not to travel Africa in this way, although we ran into a lot of these trucks through Africa and were given quite an insight into how they operated. We were able to travel more slowly through each area, and had a lot more contact with the local people.
Public Buses. There wasn’t a bus journey we went on in Africa that did not involve a laughter and conversation with the locals, having a child thrown on your lap, a neighbouring rooster dangerously pecking around your head, a protective mother figure curing your motion sickness with matchsticks, or dramas such as punctured tires, highway roadside ablutions and bus drivers leaving behind those who did not get back from the toilet quick enough.
Train. Although not a common form of transportation in East and South Africa, there will be times when the opportunity for train travel should be taken as it is a pleasantly relaxing, cultural experience.
Passing through a Game Reserve and seeing giraffe, wildebeest and zebra from my sleeper class cabin window was a surreal experience. It was a treat to pick up passengers from small African towns and have goods hawked at our windows while children raced up to smile broadly and wave at the passing Muzungus.