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You’ve heard all the stories about an exoctic island in the Caribbean called Cuba. One that is known for hot blooded salsa dancing, revolutionary heroes, and mojitos that can help you write prose like Hemingway. Is Cuba really a destination worth all the hype? I say Yes. And I say it loud with a fiery twist of my hips.
Cuba was a vacation filled with memorable moments and deeper insights into happiness and how I wanted to live when I returned home. Cuba leaves a long lasting impression like that. So I say go, and go now, before it becomes another overpopulated tourism destination that has lost a part of its original magic.
Accommodation in Cuba. Accommodation options are plentiful and easy to find. The best way to enjoy Cuba is to stay with families in Casas Particulars. These are your version of private home stays that offer tourists an authentic experience and the personable homeowner’s much-needed income.
Safety in Cuba. I felt totally safe in Cuba as a whole. There was no real foul play or underhanded activity and certainly no threat or fear. Cuba has a clean reputation for having almost no gun crime, violent robbery, gang culture, drugs or dangerous no-go zones. We didn’t have to be on watch of our belongings and I never once needed to worry about putting padlocks on my bags, which was a first for me.
Colonial Architecture. You could spend your whole time in Cuba admiring the traditional Colonial buildings, along with the statues and sculptures. In particular, the colonial architecture in the old town of Havana was most impressive for its rich colors and vastness. But my favorite was Trinidad, known for being one of the best-preserved colonial cities in the Caribbean with its cobbled-stone streets.
Rum that gives you no hangovers. I don’t know if it was because I danced up a storm (hardcore sweaty style salsa with these fast-paced Cubans) whilst I was drinking that kept the hangovers away or because of the damn fine local distilled rum! Either way, I grew a liking to the fact I could sip on mojitos all night long and still enjoy fresh days to follow!
Cuban Music. Cuban music is electric and sets your soul on fire! It permeates Cuban culture through the sounds of salsa, merengue, rumba, afro-drums, jazz and reggaeton. You will find musicians in bars, restaurants, on street corners and in their homes. When it comes to music bands- the bigger the better!