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Deciding whether to ‘go island’ or stay on the mainland was probably our hardest decision when planning a trip to Fiji with kids. Part of me wanted a “stranded on a deserted island” kind of holiday but the other part of me knew that I could quickly go a bit mad just staring at the coral all day.
In the end, we decided to stick to the mainland and do some day trips out to the Fiji islands. Our reasons for sticking to the shore were many and varied, but included:
Arriving in Fiji after a plane trip with three kids we were quite sure we wouldn’t fancy hopping straight on a boat, no matter the destination.
Our choice to stay on Denarau Island was the right one for us and we really made the most of it.
Have a mud bath at the Sabeto Hot Springs and Mud Pool. The Sabeto Hot Springs and Mud Pool is a very family-bonding sort of experience. The kids loved getting coated in the thermal mud and we parents loved the hot baths to wash it off in. It’s a very basic set up, but it’s so relaxing once you get into the hot bath that you quickly forget you’re basically swimming in a mud hole in the middle of nowhere.
We swam in the baths for a good couple of hours and enjoyed ourselves immensely. Incidentally, a visit to the Garden of the Sleeping Giant was really worth a side trip – it’s not far from the mud pool.
Visit other Fiji Islands. Savala Island, Fiji. The first was a trip out to Savala Island on the Oolala Cruise by Storck Cruises. Savala is a deserted island with just a shade structure and amenities for visitors who snorkel, paddle board, canoe and swim in the pristine waters for the day.
Though the day spent on the island was blissful, the best bit about the Oolala cruise was the trip in the boat there and back. The cruise is staffed with the chirpiest fellows you can imagine who are just fantastic with a song and their guitars.
Treasure Island. Our second island trip was with South Sea Cruises to Treasure Island. It was a complete contrast to Savala as the ship was large and so was the island. Treasure Island resort which hosted us for the day was quite run down, but set in paradise nonetheless.
The snorkelling around the island is unbelievable and my son was very taken with the resident turtles and water trampoline. Still, I was very glad we hadn’t opted to stay here for an entire week as there just wasn’t enough to do.