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What family trip would be complete without taking a fun-filled adventurous ride? In Bangkok, no need for parasailing or rollercoasters for some thrills, just flag an automatic rickshaw known as tuk-tuks.
Most fit four persons comfortably and can cut corners and go down streets that cars can’t. It makes for a more enjoyable ride, as they often go fast enough to create a wonderful breeze while riding.
Bangkok Temples. Bangkok is filled with temples, and as ornate and as beautiful as they are, going from one temple to the next is not what any tween would call an ideal day. If there is one that needs to be seen, it is Wat Pho. This Buddhist Temple is the home to the famous Reclining Buddha. The gold leaf covered statue reclines 46 meters long and is impressive.
Jim Thompson Museum. There are plenty of temples to gaze upon, but there are other wonderful sights within the city, our favorite being the Jim Thompson Museum. The house itself, made of heritage homes put together is an architectural splendor. Bailey especially loved the large koi fish swimming around in a little man-made pond outside the restaurant in the museum complex.
Bangkok – a great city for families. Bangkok, being the King of Street Food, our taste palates will never be the same. Not only have we all grown a high tolerance for spicy food, but the range of flavor is hard to beat and we will forever crave Thai food every so often.
Bangkok may not be the first city on the list for family travel. However, upon visiting, we found few cities more family friendly. If being welcomed in a foreign land with authentic smiles is on the list, then look no further than here.